The National Journal of Life and Health Sciences reflects the primary objective of "improvement of life." Life sciences encompass various disciplines, including Botany, Animal Science, Nutritional Science, Environmental Science, and Social Sciences. Meanwhile, health sciences cover a wide range of medical areas, including basic and clinical sciences, medical and dental fields, allied health sciences, public health, nursing, and medical educational research.

The National Journal of Life and Health Sciences (NJLHS) is a bi-annual journal affiliated with Al-Hafiz Medical Laboratory, Peshawar. It publishes a broad spectrum of basic and applied scholarly material in biological and health sciences, including Case Reports, Case Series, Editorials, Letters to the Editor, Original Papers, Reviews, and Short Communications. The content is based on the author's opinions and does not reflect official policy. All rights are reserved, and reproduction or transmission without permission is strictly prohibited. All research articles are freely available online.

All material submitted for publication should be exclusively sent to The National Journal of Life and Health Sciences. Work that has already been reported in a published paper or is described in a paper sent or accepted elsewhere for publication should not be submitted. However, a complete report following the publication of the preliminary report, usually in the form of an abstract, or a paper presented at a scientific meeting, may be submitted. Press reports of meetings will not be considered a breach of this rule, but such reports should not be amplified by additional data or copies of tables and illustrations. In cases of doubt, a copy of the published material should be included with the manuscript to assist the editors in deciding how to handle the matter.