Assessing the Efficacy of Molecular, Serological, and Radiological Techniques for the Detection of SARS-CoV-2


  • Umar Aziz Bacha Khan Medical College, Mardan Author
  • Amir Sohail Author
  • Muhammad Yaseen Author
  • Muneeb Alam Author
  • Arshad Iqbal Author



SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, Molecular techniques, Serology immunoassays, Radiological testing


Due to the coronavirus episode numerous examinations are being led for remedial systems and antibodies yet detection techniques assume a significant job in the control of the ailment. Assess the adequacy of the sub-atomic recognition procedures in the Coronavirus. Six writing information bases (Pub Med, Science Direct, MDPI, CDC, Springer Link, Scopus, Google Researcher, and AAAS) were looked for applicable examinations and articles were screened for important substance. Deliberate audits uncover the utility of molecular, and serological with radio-logical testing as one such strategy can't be associated with the accessibility of purpose-of-care gadgets. Don't adjust to affect ability and particularity in examination to the ordinary strategies because of the absence of clinical examinations. The research aims to enhance identification strategies that uphold the clinical dynamics of patients. However, none of the techniques achieved 100% sensitivity and specificity, indicating the necessity for additional considerations to overcome the challenges addressed herein. We anticipate that the current article, with its observations and recommendations, will aid healthcare practitioners in this endeavor.



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