Monkey Pox and its Impact on the Human Health in the World


  • Dr. Naushad Khan Agriculture University, Peshawar Author
  • Shah Fahad Author
  • Mahnoor Naushad Author
  • Aftab Ullah Author
  • Mehtab Ullah Author
  • Jamila Bibi Author
  • Shahab Ullah Author



Monkeypox, MPX, MPXV, Zoonotic, World Community, Health


This editorial was conducted in year 2023 in which main aim was to investigate Monkeypox (MPX) impact on the human health worldwidely. Several studies were searched through different online available sources including google scholar, pubmed, and researchgate. All studies were critically reviewed and analyzed the findings. MPX was first appeared in Denmark in 1958 among Monkeys, which were kept for research, later it appeared in a nine (9) months old boy in Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1970. The monkey pox was caused by Monkey Pox virus (MPXV) which is double stranded DNA virus. It belongs to Orthopoxvirus genus in Poxviridae family which consist of Variola, Cowpox, Vaccina and other viruses. The two genetic clades of the virus were clades I and II. The natural reservoir of MPXV was unknown and various small mammals such as squirrels and monkeys were susceptible. The sign and symptoms includes, rashes, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, headache, muscle aches, back pain and muscle fatigue. MPXV transmits through respiratory droplets which creates due to face to face talking, breathing, kissing and also transmit through body touching. It was observed that the virus entered through broken skin, mucosal surfaces or through respiratory tract. Moreover, sexual partners is also the source of spreading MPXV. MPXV virus spread from one region to another through exports which affect different countries of the world. The virus spread to Europe and America from African region and outbreak occurred in 2022-2023. Mostly tecovirimat and smallpox treatment were used for management of MPXV. Several individuals died and also many were severely ill. This mortality and morbidity also affects the world economy. Due to MPXV, many health problems were raised including anxiety, depression and social stigma. Based on studies analysis, it is recommended to implement the quarantine strategy throughout the world for prevention and spreading of MPXV. Focus should be on transportation, imports, and exports of goods region to region. High quality healthcare centers should be design to tackle such outbreaks. Preferred to wash hand properly with sanitizer and soap. Better research laboratories is also advised for better, early and timely diagnosis of MPXV. Stay at home is another strategy in such situation. Moreover, awareness and medical counseling center is also important to aware public about the transmission, diagnosis and treatment of MPXV. Counseling center are important to reduce and remove the social stigma among general public.


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